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Septic Tank Repair, Spartanburg, SC

We have technicians on our staff who specialize in septic tank repair in Spartanburg.

Septic Tank Repair in Spartanburg, South Carolina
When you rinse something down the sink or flush a toilet within a property that contains a septic system, all liquid and solid waste moves through plumbing and into a concrete tank that is buried beneath the ground. Clear liquid stays at the top of the tank, while heavier solids stay behind and form a layer at the bottom. Regular septic tank pumping every few years removes this solid waste layer and allows you to start fresh with waste processing and storage. If there is any type of damage to your tank, such as a crack, you run the risk of having contaminated waste seep out and into the ground below.

Septic tank repair should only be handled by a technician who knows how to properly assess damage and fix problems. At American Waste Septic, we have technicians on our staff who specialize in septic tank repair. When we come to your property in Spartanburg, South Carolina, we start by inspecting the tank and other components to determine the problem. Because the tank is buried deep in the ground, it is important that you watch for signs of issues. These include foul odors coming from the area surrounding the tank, gurgling or slow drainage of toilets and sinks, or a septic alarm going off.

Septic tank repair should always be handled sooner rather than later. If you postpone it for too long, you could be facing a much bigger problem and more expensive repair. Call us today if you suspect there is any type of problem with your septic tank or other component.

At American Waste Septic, we offer septic tank repair services in Greenville County, including Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Travelers Rest, Cherrydale, Powdersville, Easley, Fountain Inn, Belton, Williamston, Cleveland, Marietta, Pumpkintown, Jones Gap, Pickens, Greer, Taylors, West Spartanburg, Lyman, Inman, and Woodruff, as well as Spartanburg County, including Moore, Duncan, Lyman, Spartanburg, Reidville, Wellford, and Inman, South Carolina.