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Having septic tank problems is never what anyone wants

Having septic tank problems is never what anyone wants. The septic tank is something that is not often thought about, but when it is having issues, it is what you cannot stop thinking about. There are many areas of the septic system that can start to act up or need repair. Below we will discuss four of the most common issues homeowners will face when dealing with septic tank problems.

  • Slow drains:  A slow drain in one sink or toilet of your home may be a simple problem. But if you have several areas of your home with slow drainage, then it is likely that it is a much larger issue. It could be an issue with your drain lines, vent lines, main sewer line, or septic system. Broken or backed up lines will cause slow drainage. If you are facing this issue you will want to call a professional sooner than later.
  • Gurgling drains: Gurgling drains can come from your shower/tub, toilet, or sink. For example, your bathtub may gurgle when you flush the toilet. Gurgling drains usually mean there is a ventilation problem.
  • Wet spots in your yard: Wet, sunken, or soggy areas of your yard can mean that a sewer line has ruptured or is leaking.
  • Septic backups: One major contributor to septic backups is a blocked line. Some causes of a blocked line are tree roots, damage to the septic tank from natural disasters or cars driving over it, high amounts of water being used or lost, harsh chemicals being used, or use of a garbage disposal.

If you are experiencing any of these septic tank problems, we recommend calling us at American Waste Septic to address these potentially serious problems.