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several items that can lead to serious septic tank problems

If you’ve lived with a septic system for a number of years, you’ve likely learned some key differences from properties that use city plumbing, one of the most important being that a septic system requires regular maintenance. When a system is neglected or misused, repairs can become extensive. Here are a few important guidelines for avoiding septic tank problems.

  • If it’s not waste or toilet paper, don’t flush it. Though flushing a small foreign object once may go unnoticed, there are several items that can lead to serious septic tank problems. Feminine hygiene products, paper towels, baby wipes and condoms are all items that people frequently try to flush that create backup problems. Grease, bleach and other chemicals are also important to avoid as they can be harmful to your septic system.
  • Don’t put off septic pumping. Your septic tank is designed to separate waste, effluent, and fats and grease. When the waste reaches beyond its capacity, the tank can no longer work as it’s supposed to, and problems will occur. However, with regular pumping, your septic tank can likely run problem free for a very long time.
  • Get an inspection at the first sign of a problem. If you’re hearing or smelling anything out of the ordinary near your pipes or septic tank, calling for a septic inspection right away might help you catch the problem early on and minimize the need for repairs.

If you’re new to having a septic system, you need a company that can help guide you through the basics of septic system ownership. When you work with us at American Waste Septic, we will gladly answer all of your questions and help you create a plan to keep your system in good repair and prevent septic tank problems.