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Septic Tank ProblemsOwning a septic system, it’s almost inevitable that something will go wrong with your septic tank at some point. Although some septic tank problems are relatively minor, others can severely damage your septic system as a whole. This is why, if you notice any of the following three septic tank problems, you should contact us at American Waste Septic right away.

  1. Drains that Consistently Back Up- When you go into your bathroom, does sewage back up into your sink, toilet, or bathtub? If this happens, it could be a sign that there isn’t enough room left in your septic tank. As a result, waste has nowhere to go and ends up going back to your drains.
  2. Odd Smells- When it comes to septic tank problems, bad smells are never a good sign. If you walk past your septic tank and you can smell a particularly foul odor in the surrounding area, it’s time to call us to schedule an inspection.
  3. Pools of Water- Every septic system is made up of a variety of different components, but the septic tank and the drain field are the two main ones. For this reason, if something goes wrong with your septic tank, there’s a good chance there could also be a problem with your drain field. Due to this, it’s best to have both your septic tank and your drain field inspected if you notice small pools of water accumulating throughout your yard.