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The Best Way to Avoid Septic Tank Problems

Having a home that is on a septic system instead of municipal sewer means that you need to really understand that system in order to avoid septic tank problems. While it is true that you should also be concerned about the system when on a municipal system, you will face firsthand the results of poor maintenance and adverse habits if you have a septic system. Here are a few tips for avoiding septic tank problems.

First of all, what you flush and put down the drain matters. One of the most common septic tank problems is a backup because the line between your home and the septic tank has become blocked. Introducing non-biodegradable items is the quickest way to cause a blockage. Repeatedly putting the wrong things into the system will lead to septic tank problems as well as drain field issues, so keep anything but toilet paper and waste out of it.

It can take time to learn just what is biodegradable, but if you consider just things that you can eat as well as the bathroom tissue you need, you’ll quickly eliminate many known problem items. Also, consider that the more solids you send down into your system, the more often septic tank pumping will be needed. This fact may have you rethinking using your kitchen garbage disposal and opting for a composting bin instead.

Another common mistake that can lead to septic tank problems is the use of anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and hand soap. These kill the bacteria that is present in the tank and render it unable to process the solids, leading to more frequent pumping and potentially drain field damage. Other chemicals can also cause problems and should never be sent to the septic system.

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