Why Won’t My Septic Tank Problems Go Away?

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Your grass may be greener, but that’s about the only thing looking up when it comes to a malfunctioning septic tank. Between frequent pumping, strange smells, and water that drains at a snail’s pace, your septic system may feel like it’s always in crisis mode. Before you give up hope of having a functional septic tank ever again, read on as we uncover the root causes of recurring septic tank problems and how to put an end to them.

Why Won’t My Septic Tank Problems Go Away?

• The Tank’s Inlet Pipe is Clogged. A clogged inlet pipe is a very common reason for septic tank problems. It usually results from flushing things like grease or coffee grounds down your drains. When this happens too often, the pipe gradually clogs, preventing wastewater from reaching your septic tank. As a result, you may notice your drains gurgling or draining wastewater very slowly.

• The Tank’s Inlet Baffle is Clogged. The inlet baffle is located at the entry point of the septic tank. It reduces the speed at which wastewater enters the tank so as not to disturb the scum layer, besides giving ample time for the wastewater to separate into various layers. However, greases, soaps, and other solids can clog the baffle and impede flow into the tank.

• The Tank’s Outlet Baffle is Clogged. The main purpose of the outlet baffle is to prevent grease and other solids from reaching the outlet pipe before they have sufficiently broken down or decomposed. In most cases, the outlet baffle clogs when the septic tank’s intake is too high, meaning the solids don’t get enough time to break down before passing the baffle. If the outlet baffle is clogged, sewage can back up into your home’s drains.

So, how do you make persistent septic tank problems go away? The best solution is to get your tank inspected regularly by a professional. Additionally, you can talk to us today about getting a professional septic diagnosis to help you determine the best course of action.