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Septic Tank Inspections: 5 Signs You Need an Inspection

A common belief exists that your home’s septic tank should be pumped every two to three years, but the reality is there isn’t a set timetable for having this service done because there are far too many variables involved. The age of the system, proper use, family size, and family habits all factor in. The one thing that can be set on a schedule, however, is septic tank inspections. Your septic system should be checked every three years, but if you notice any of the following you should schedule one right away:

  1. Odors – If you notice odors in your home or outdoors, your septic system is not operating properly and should be checked.
  2. Lush landscaping – If the section of your landscaping near the septic system is lusher than usual, this can be a sign of a full tank or one that is leaking. Septic tank inspections are ideal for learning which it is.
  3. Pooling water – The same situation that can cause lush landscaping can also result in pooling water, particularly in an area where there isn’t enough landscaping to absorb the excess water.
  4. Slow drains – Having one slow drain is usually just a clog forming in one pipe, but if they all are slowing down, this is an indication of a problem with the septic tank, drain field, or main line.
  5. Backups – If your plumbing is backing up, especially when running the washing machine, taking a long shower, or draining the tub, this could signal it’s time for an inspection and/or pump-out.

At American Waste Septic, we have had 25 years of experience in the Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina area with septic solutions for a multitude of problems that are found during septic tank inspections. More often than not, these indicators are telling you that the tank needs to be pumped. Contact us today for more information!