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If you are selling your home, you want to make every effort to entice as many potential buyers as possible to take an interest in your home. This is particularly true in a tight market where there are more properties for sale than there are buyers looking. One of the things that can sometimes make a home a bit less appealing is having a septic system rather than a municipal sewer hookup.

Septic Tank Inspections

Buyers that are unfamiliar with how a septic system works may fear the fact that they would be responsible for maintenance, repairs, and possible replacement. They may need a boost to their confidence and a reminder of the benefits of having a septic system instead. One way to do that is to include in your marketing materials that you have already taken care of septic tank pumping and have also made sure that septic tank inspections show it to be in top working condition.

Another advantage of septic tank inspections is that they let you know about any problems in advance, so you can take care of them. It is better to have your property in its best shape rather than let a buyer find problems during their due diligence period. If they find one issue, it can make them nervous enough to walk away from the purchase.

You can take care of both the pump-out and septic tank inspections at one time with a call to us at American Waste Septic. We’ll send a truck out to pump the tank and assess and diagnose any problems you may be having. We have served the area for over 25 years with quality septic solutions. We also perform pump-out and septic tank inspections for commercial properties. Call today to learn more.