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A Guide to Septic Tank Pumping

Does it seem odd to you that one of your neighbors seems to have septic tank pumping done every year yet another seems to never need it done? There are quite a few factors involved that alter the timetable for pumping, and with a thorough knowledge of these, you may be able to enjoy longer periods in between septic tank pumping like your one neighbor does.

The first thing is pretty common sense – the less that goes into the tank, the less it will need pumping. This doesn’t mean you need to tell your family to run down to the corner public restroom all the time, but you can educate your family about what should and should not be flushed or put down the drains. Families that treat the septic tank like a trash can will always find they need more frequent septic tank pumping.

The next thing to consider is how your septic tank works. If it is healthy, it can reduce a decent amount of solid waste. This is accomplished with waste-eating organisms, which are basically the right kind of bacteria. To keep this process working well, avoid putting chemicals or anti-bacterial products into the system.

If you have more questions about septic tank pumping or you want to schedule it to be done at your Greenville or Spartanburg, South Carolina home, give us a call at American Waste Septic. We do have emergency service available for dire circumstances, but will always schedule your septic tank pumping as promptly as possible