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Septic Pumping, Simpsonville, SC

The next time you need septic pumping to keep your system up and running, leave things up to us in Simpsonville.

Septic Pumping in Simpsonville, South Carolina

As a septic system user, you know better than anyone else how important it is to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis. Without this important service, you run the risk of your tank getting overly clogged with solid waste, which can result in backups and serious drain field problems. The next time you need septic pumping to keep your system up and running, leave things up to us at American Waste Septic.

When we perform septic pumping, we’re careful to clean the tank out thoroughly. This way, you can go longer between pump-outs and gain the peace of mind knowing your tank is completely clean. We’ll also take time to assess the state of your tank and determine if there are any minor issues or problems that need to be taken care of.

One of the main questions we get asked by our customers in the Simpsonville, South Carolina area is how often septic pumping should be completed. Most septic tanks need to be pumped about every 3 to 5 years. However, this number can vary depending on the size of the septic tank, how many people live in the household, and how much water the home uses on a daily basis.

When it comes to septic pumping, we’re the only team you’ll ever need for this important septic maintenance task. Get in touch with us at American Waste Septic today to schedule your next appointment and to find out more about our commitment to superior workmanship.


At American Waste Septic, we offer septic pumping services in Greenville County, including Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Travelers Rest, Cherrydale, Taylors, Powdersville, Easley, Fountain Inn, Belton, Williamston, Cleveland, Marietta, Pumpkintown, Jones Gap, Pickens, Greer, Taylors, West Spartanburg, Lyman, Inman, and Woodruff, as well as Spartanburg County, including Moore, Duncan, Lyman, Spartanburg, Reidville, Wellford, and Inman, South Carolina.