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your septic maintenance is regular septic inspections
When a home or business relies on a septic system, it requires a different maintenance plan than buildings using the city plumbing. Providing your septic system with regular maintenance is critical in making sure the system remains reliable and that problems don’t lie undetected, causing extensive and costly repairs. A critical part of your septic maintenance is regular septic inspections. Here are a few occasions when we recommend a septic inspection:

  • Annually: If everything with your system seems to be in working order, the typical guideline for septic inspections is to get one every year. This usually allows your septic company to catch issues early on, preventing expensive repairs.
  • Real estate events: If you are selling a property with a septic system, a recent septic inspection will provide your buyers with confidence that the system is well cared for and not a risk in their investment. As a buyer, requesting a septic inspection before purchasing a property will help you know ahead of time if there are any problems you need to be aware of or expenses to plan for.
  • Septic problems: If you are having issues with your septic system, such as slow drains, gurgling sounds, or foul odors, our septic inspections can provide you with needed solutions.

When you need reliable septic inspections, you can trust our team at American Waste Septic. We have three decades of experience as well as a genuine desire to provide our clients with the best in customer service. To learn more about our septic inspections or to schedule one for your property, give us a call at American Waste Septic.