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If you have had to call us late at night because your septic system is backed up, you know this can be a stressful and unpleasant experience for your whole family. At American Waste Septic, we believe it is important to know how to properly care for your septic system, so we’ve provided a list of ways you can care for your septic system.

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1.   Kleenex & Wipes – If you are like most people, you keep a box of Kleenex or baby wipes in the bathroom for regular use. Make sure not to flush these down the toilet after use because they can cause clogs.

2.   Dental Floss – While dental floss may seem unassuming, it can actually get caught in your septic system and cause other items to become stuck, too.

3.   Personal Hygiene Products – Throw away personal hygiene products in the trash rather than sending them down the toilet to ensure you don’t have to make a late-night call for help.

4.   Paper Towels – Although paper towels may be a staple in your kitchen or bathroom, throwing them in the trash can instead of flushing them down the toilet will ensure that you prevent clogs and backups.

5.   Plastic – We all know those moments where we don’t want to touch something, but if there is anything wrapped in plastic, make sure it doesn’t go down the drain!

6.   Cooking Oil & Grease – Cooking oils and grease can actually congeal in your pipes, causing major problems when you try to use your sink, toilet or tub later.

7.   Laundry Day – If you have to do several loads of laundry, make sure you spread out your loads over several days so your system doesn’t become overwhelmed.

8.   Proper Sized System – If your septic system is too small for your home’s usage, it can cause major problems and require expensive repairs. Ask a professional to check things out if you continuously experience issues.

9.   Regular Maintenance – Make sure to call us at American Waste Septic to schedule regular septic tank pumping so your system stays clean and healthy. This also helps with preventative maintenance if you have begun noticing problems.

10.  Drain Field Maintenance – Although your drain field may be “out of sight, out of mind,” parking on top of your drain field in the yard can cause damage to the pipes. Take care not to leave your car there so your drain field works properly.

11.  Careful Planting – If you love gardening and are adding landscaping to your yard, take care to notice where your drain field is situated and avoid planting trees and other large shrubs on top of the pipes.