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We’re here to help with all your septic tank problems!

If you use a septic system on your property, septic tank problems are bound to pop up at some point. However, this doesn’t mean that dealing with them has to be an absolute nightmare. In fact, if you let our team at American Waste Septic help you out, we’re sure we can take care of whatever’s going on without making you want to pull your hair out.

Septic Tank Problems in Duncan, South Carolina

Signs of Septic Tank Problems

Septic tank problems aren’t something to ignore, but you have to know what you’re looking for to be able to take care of the problem. That’s why we want all of our clients and anyone with a septic tank to know what to look for when it comes to septic tank issues. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s worth giving us a call to discuss what’s going on:

  • Water or sewage backs up into your toilets, sink drains, bathtubs, showers, and other drains throughout your home.
  • After running the water in your sink, bathtub, or shower, it takes a long time for the water to drain.
  • You can hear gurgling sounds within the walls where your pipes are located.
  • Near your septic tank or drain field, there are spots where standing water has started to accumulate.
  • The area around your septic tank or drain field is particularly smelly.
  • It’s been a while since you last had your septic tank pumped, or you can’t remember the last time you had a professional pumping done.

The best way to prevent septic tank problems like these is to schedule regular pumping with our team. When you remove solid waste from your septic tank’s interior, it’s less likely your system will have a difficult time processing additional wastewater.

However, even if you’re diligent about pumping and maintenance, septic tank problems can still happen. Know that this is simply part of being a homeowner with a septic system, and we’re always here to help!

He was true to his word.


“Found out our tank was full. Called Tim, the owner, and he told me he was really busy but that he would come out even if it was late afternoon to pump out our tank. He was true to his word and came out like he always has when I have called him. He pumped and flushed our tank, and everything is working great again. Thank you, Tim, for your quick response and for helping us with our problem.”

★★★★★ - Nancy C.

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Services We Offer

Septic Tank Problems in Greenville, South Carolina


At American Waste Septic, we have a wide selection of septic services to offer and are confident that we can help you keep your septic system up and running.

it is important to hire a good septic company


Let us come and clean out your septic tank. We’ll get rid of all the waste that’s accumulated in your tank over time and inspect it for any problems.

Septic Services in Woodruff, South Carolina


If your property uses a septic system, septic tank problems are bound to pop up at some point. We’re available to help you out, and we’ll always respond to your request with urgency.

Contact us today to get an estimate for your septic project.

We can help with all your septic needs!

Our Promise to You

When it comes to septic tank problems, we’ve seen it all. We’ve been fixing septic tanks in the Duncan, South Carolina area for over two decades now and know exactly what needs to happen to figure out what’s gone wrong with a septic tank and get it up and running again. When we work on your septic tank, we’ll rely on this experience, so we can ensure the functionality and efficiency of your septic tank once again.

We realize that in most cases, septic tank problems show up when you least expect them. If a problem with your septic tank catches you off guard, don’t worry. We will always respond to your request with urgency.

Contact Us Today

Remember, when you run into a problem with your septic tank, it’s always better to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. Get in touch with us at American Waste Septic today to find out how we tackle septic tank problems and why you should make us your septic company of choice now and in the future.

At American Waste Septic, we can solve septic tank problems in Greenville County, including Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Travelers Rest, Cherrydale, Powdersville, Easley, Fountain Inn, Belton, Williamston, Cleveland, Marietta, Pumpkintown, Jones Gap, Pickens, Greer, Taylors, West Spartanburg, Lyman, Inman, and Woodruff, as well as Spartanburg County, including Moore, Duncan, Lyman, Spartanburg, Reidville, Wellford, and Inman, South Carolina.

Why Choose American Waste Septic?

Keeping your septic system up and running is a dirty job, which is why you probably don’t want to do it. Luckily, you have our team at American Waste Septic on your side to help you out with all of your septic system maintenance and pumping needs. We’ve been working on septic systems throughout the Greenville, South Carolina area since 1990, and there’s a reason why we’re still around today. Not only are we confident that our services are unparalleled, but we know you won’t find service like ours anywhere else.

See what some of our customers have said about our septic services.

 Jared BrownJared Brown ★★★★★ They are good at what they do. Quick and a good price.Daniel NapriyenkoDaniel Napriyenko ★★★★★ My septic was overdue for a pumping. Called Tim, and he had his guys come the very next day. They got it all taken care of in a timely manner, even with it being way overdue and close to overflowing. The guys were very polite and informative. I would highly recommend American Waste Septic for any of your septic needs.Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh ★★★★★ I work for RestorePro Reconstruction performing water and fire mitigation and restoration, and we responded to an apartment completely flooded with sewage water. We needed immediate pumping of the entire unit, and American Waste responded quickly and professionally within the hour when other septic companies would not respond. Excellent service and affordable pricing!Brenda BrockBrenda Brock ★★★★★ Came out same day' Very Professional ' Price was very Fair ....all around Good People....Thank youBonita ChesterBonita Chester ★★★★★ Professional and courteous service!Nancy C.Nancy C. ★★★★★ Found out our tank was full. Called Tim the owner, he told me he was really busy but that he would come out even if it was late afternoon to pump out our tank. He was true to his word and came out like he always has when I have called him. He pumped and flushed our tank and everything is working great again. Thank you Tim for your quick response and for helping us with our problem.John WrightJohn Wright ★★★★★ Great guys! Came and pumped my tank quick and clean. Even picked up a mess in the yard that they didn’t have to. Highly recommendDave CarpenterDave Carpenter ★★★★★ Scheduled residential lift station maintenance with Tim (owner). He and his assistant were professional, on time and thorough. I would recommend American Waste for any septic or lift station work. The original installer of our station was unresponsive when I called for maintenance service. We will be using American Waste going forward.Gloria EdwardsGloria Edwards ★★★★★ Went above and beyond to help out and get our setic tank cleaned out. Came out on a Sunday so we didn't have to miss work on Monday!!regina connellyregina connelly ★★★★★ Called the owner on Tuesday when our septic backed up. He was honest enough to tell us to pop the plug and sure enough it sprayed out because the tank was full. He showed up the next morning promptly at 11 AM. They worked in the rain and totally drained my septic tank. They were courteous, professional and got the job done. If you need honest, fast service, don't waste your time shopping around. Look at their many 5 star ratings. They deserve 10 stars, these guys rock!!!Shane OliverShane Oliver ★★★★★ They always do a great job and are on time. Would highly recommend.Debbie IrbyDebbie Irby ★★★★★ Wow! What professional and timely service! Tim saved a Friday afternoon by going the extra mile to clean out our septic tank when an unexpected problem arose. Highly recommended.Brian AdamsBrian Adams ★★★★★ Professional service, said they would be here at certain time and they were. Quick and left hardly any evidence of work done would and will use again in the future.D VD V ★★★★★ Did a great job very Knowledgeable came the next day after I called would Highly recommend!Jeffrey CrewsJeffrey Crews ★★★★★ They did a great job pumping my septic tank and are honest as to what they think is best for you.Called in, and they recommended, if I could, to wait a few days due to the rain because the sun might do the trick.Ended up still getting it pumped but appreciated that they weren’t just out for the $.Catherine HumbergerCatherine Humberger ★★★★★ Great to work with; professional and courteous. Resonable prices. Showed up early. Knew their business. Highly recommended!Chris WilsonChris Wilson ★★★★★ Great service as honest as they come! No one ever wants to have to deal with a septic problem but call these guys first if you ever need someone. Save the money on an expensive option and trust them to tell you what’s really needed and provide honest, local service. Highly recommended!!js_loader

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Helpful Tips to Protect Your Septic Tank

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Septic Tank

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