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For those who have never lived in a home with a private septic system before, adjusting to the new situation can be more difficult than expected. In a municipal sewer system, it is the city’s responsibility to maintain and repair the waste disposal infrastructure, whereas in a home with a septic tank, that responsibility falls to the homeowner.

consult with our team at American Waste Septic for our expert advice on septic tank maintenance

At American Waste Septic, we know that most people don’t want to think about sewage, but don’t let its unpleasantness prevent you from taking the necessary steps to keep your septic tank up and running. If you need convincing, here are the two main reasons why you need regular septic tank maintenance:

  1. Septic Waste Sticks Around- Unlike in a sewer system, which transports all wastewater away to treatment facilities, in a septic tank a good deal of waste remains in the tank.  Liquid waste passes through the tank and into the drain field, where it is filtered and then released back into the ground. Solid waste, on the other hand, sinks to the bottom of the tank to be broken down by bacteria; the resulting sludge sits in the tank and can only be removed via pumping. Because of this, septic tank maintenance is essential to making sure that this sludge stays inside the tank rather than leaking into your yard or backing up into your home.
  2. Septic Tanks Have Limited Capacity- As mentioned, one of the mandatory septic tank maintenance tasks is to have the tank regularly pumped. Your tank can only hold so much and going too long without emptying it out can cause excess sewage to back up into your home. Another important step to preventing backups is regularly replenishing the bacteria and enzymes in the system. These bacteria save room in your tank by breaking down solid wastes into sludge, which allows the tank to hold more and go longer between pumping if need be–although we at American Waste Septic still recommend annual pumping.

If you have questions about how to get the most use from your septic system, you can consult with our team at American Waste Septic for our expert advice on septic tank maintenance.