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At American Waste Septic, we understand that very few people want to think about sewage. If you live in a home connected to a municipal sewer system, you are fortunate to be able to avoid thinking about waste disposal unless something goes disastrously wrong. If you have a septic tank, however, you will need to think about this topic more frequently, at least the times that you have your tank pumped and cleaned.

stay on top of septic tank cleaning

The best way to stay on top of septic tank cleaning is to set up a regular schedule with a provider like us at American Waste Septic, but if you’re not on one yet, here are two major signs to look for to determine whether you are due for a septic tank cleaning:

1.  Your toilet is sluggish. One major indicator that you are in need of septic tank cleaning is that your toilet becomes sluggish. A toilet (or other appliance such as a washing machine) that’s slow to drain is often caused by a buildup of sludge in your septic tank–having your tank emptied will give the liquid the room it needs to drain as it should.

2.  The tank overflows. When waste enters your septic tank, liquids are filtered and released through the drain field, while solid waste sinks to the bottom and remains until the tank is emptied. If the level of sludge in your tank rises too high, it can cause the contents to overflow, backing up through your pipes or seeping into your yard. If you notice this happening, chances are the problem has already become costly, and you should call us at American Waste Septic right away to take care of the issue before it gets even worse.